Cream Finance’s DeFi protocol has been hacked again

The decentralized Cream Finance protocol has once again been hacked. Igor Igamberdiev, an analyst at The Block, drew attention to this.

Recall that in February, an unknown attacker took advantage of a vulnerability in the Iron Bank protocol (the second version of the Cream Finance project) and withdrew tokens totaling $ 37.5 million.

On August 30, the Cream Finance DeFi protocol was attacked with instant credit. The damage amounted to 462,079,976 AMP and 2804 ETH (more than $18 million).

On September 8, the hacker transferred most of the stolen amount of 5152.6 ETH to the multisig wallet of the project.

In early October, the developers of the decentralized protocol confirmed that the project managed to return 5152.6 ETH. The hacker was allowed to leave 10% of the stolen funds – approximately 515 ETH as a reward for the discovered error.